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Patrick J. Mullaney

Founder and Lead Trial Attorney

Patrick is a trial attorney who specializes in serious, severe and disabling injury cases. He earned his law degree from St. John’s University in 2002 and is admitted to the New York State bar and the Federal Courts in the Southern District of New York. Patrick is honored to represent construction workers from all trades, civil service workers (Court Officers, Court Clerks, Police Officers, Firemen, Sanitation Workers, Teachers, et al), Home Health Workers and any individual injured while working at their jobs. Additionally, Patrick proudly represents any individual injured in an accident caused by the negligence or carelessness of others.


Patrick thrives on representing the underdog in cases where an individual’s quest for justice and compensation is opposed by a large, often multinational Insurance companies that are represented by law firms employing dozens and in some cases hundreds of attorneys and staff whose primary goal is to deprive or dramatically limit the injured party’s right to fair and adequate compensation. He relishes the opportunity to bring his client’s case to court where an impartial jury can determine what fair and reasonable compensation is for his client’s injuries and the terrible consequences of those injuries that arise from any serious accident. The consequences of a serious accident span the spectrum of an individual’s life and often include missed time from work (lost income and other job benefits), past and future medical expenses that his clients are forced to incur in order to treat or recover from the injuries caused by the accident. In many cases an individual never fully recovers from the injuries and the impact of those injuries caused by an accident and Patrick does his level best to recover compensation for all of the harms and losses his clients experience after an accident. Patrick firmly believes that an impartial jury is the best, and in some cases the only way, to secure the fair and reasonable compensation that his clients are entitled to under the law and that they deserve. He does not and will not rely on an insurance company’s internal and often self-serving evaluation of what fair and reasonable compensation is for his client’s injuries and losses because these internal insurance company evaluations  are often times based on their own corporate bottom line, preserving profits at the expense of compensating the injured.


There are many examples of cases where Patrick rejected the Insurance Company’s final offer and elected to go to trial rather than have their client accept an unreasonable lowball offer and he secured a jury verdict exponentially greater than that final offer. In a recent case in Queens County Supreme Court this year (2015), Pat represented a construction laborer who fell at work while performing demolition work at an apartment building in Jamaica, Queens. As a result of the fall, Pat’s client suffered multiple fractures in his back and ribs as well as torn ligaments in his hip which required surgery. After years of pre-trial litigation the insurance company finally made a settlement offer of less than $100,000. While the jury was deliberating the offer was increased to $500,000. Patrick advised his client to reject these offers and place his trust in the jury. After a hard-fought five week trial the jury returned a verdict of $4.18 million. While appeals and cross-appeals were pending, the insurance companies settled for $4.75 million encompassing the verdict and post-judgment interest. The $4.75 million is nearly 10 times their final/top offer.


Unfortunately, litigation against big insurance companies is usually a very lengthy and arduous process. Patrick and the entire staff at the Law Offices of Patrick J Mullaney, P.C. do everything possible to support their clients and their families through this process. Pat knows that he not only represents the interests and needs of his clients but also his client’s families and loved ones. The testament to Pat’s work ethic and his passion for connecting with his clients on a personal level is the fact that his former and current clients refer their family members, friends and co-workers to the Law Offices of Patrick J Mullaney, P.C. after their case is resolved and many times while their cases are pending.


In addition to trying cases for his own clients, Pat also tries cases on behalf of other law firms, who retain him as trial counsel in serious injury cases when they are unable to settle a case for fair and reasonable compensation. Many of the top law firms in New York City, Long Island and Westchester retain Pat as their trial counsel when a case cannot resolve short of a jury verdict. This level of trust was built on a proven track record of success at trial.


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